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Cancer, make a wish and trust that it will come true. Things are especially lit in the love and romance department of your life. Are you feeling the feels for somebody? Quality over quantity, Scorpio. Instead of doing everything at once, pick the projects that are actually important. The ones that are taking you closer to your long-term goals. Those are the ones you want to invest in. The past is gone and the future is but an illusion. The present is all you have, Aries!

Make the most of it. You are now determined, more than ever before, to work in alignment with the Universe and consciously create the life you were meant always meant to. Continue to walk fearlessly on your path. You are making immense progress. Cosmic tip: Continue to walk fearlessly on your path, knowing that you are making immense progress. Your biggest revelation today: the world and her aunt can wait. You have more important things to do, like nurture your inner garden and focus on self-care.

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Nobody said you need to OD on aloe vera shots before you hit the dance floor, but you can choose the middle path. Balance is your magic word. Recalibrate every area of your life.

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Cosmic tip: Take time to recalibrate and find balance in every area of your life. Make a wish and trust that it will come true. Coupled Cancerians, put quality time on top of your agenda. Cosmic tip: Everything is aligning for you. If it comes, it comes. If it goes, it goes. You trust what the Universe is revealing to you.

Something close to your heart could be taken away from you today. Alternatively, you could find yourself writing the final chapter of something you care deeply about.

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But your higher self has guided you through this seemingly painful experience, and reminds you that you are only creating space for something better. What if we said you can have anything you want? Yes, anything. The trick is to align yourself with the miracle you are trying to manifest. Planting the right seeds is, of course, the first step. Working consciously towards your goal, the most important. A healthy dose of optimism goes a long way, Virgo. It allows you to receive the goody bags the Universe is sending your way.

Take some time off to clear the mental clutter and focus on what it is that you really want.

We have the "all clear" today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Sagittarius

Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness frees.

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Besides, there is no space for bad vibes in that golden heart of yours. Then, write each one of them a letter expressing how you feel.

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  • Let your words be a form of release. Oh boy, does it feel good to let go! Today, you may sit down with your balance sheet and will be happy to see that you seem to have a secure financial stability. Those who have just started working, may get a piece of advice on the importance of being financially secure in life. White is your color for today, it will bring you good luck. Time between pm and pm is a good time for any important task.

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