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You may be pushed into reconsidering a whole series of emotional commitments.

The one thing you can do without, though, are yet more personal complications. This is a splendid moment for a spot of extravagance. Press on at work and in love, but realise that if you try to exert undue pressure on partners, it will probably rebound on you. You might even want to experiment with a bit of gentle behind-the-scenes manipulation.

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You should be concentrating on creating a better atmosphere at work, and encouraging more pleasant conditions all round. If your job involves people rather than things, you are poised to do very well indeed.

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Show colleagues that you are concerned with their interests and all should be well. During the past few weeks you have begun to find your feet.


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Most important now is your recognition that emotional relationships pervade every aspect of human activity, including work. You still have to ensure that you are not being taken for granted, and ever so gently you can begin to raise your profile in an important relationship. There is a strong possibility of estranged couples getting reunited. Charting your career path will assume importance at this juncture. Taurus Possibility of a rich relation calling on you bearing gifts cannot be ruled out.

Becoming a bit harsh at work will be in order to prevent subordinates from taking you for a ride. Your originality will win this week for you on the academic front. Travelling to attend an important event is indicated. Body builders, boxers, wrestlers and the like are certain to excel. On the social front, avoid those you find difficult to get along with. Gemini Those with additional skills can hope to get a good break. Those in the rat race at work may pip the rivals at the post to better their prospects.

A new position in the organisation may be given to you with additional responsibilities. You are likely to get ready to organise a function or a wedding.

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Opting for a healthy diet will be a step in the right direction. Your extrovert nature can click with an opposite number.

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Cancer There is a fair chance of a flat or a plot getting allotted to you. A commitment you are scared of making will seem no more threatening. Those feeling stressed for the past few days may need to take things easy. Tensions prevailing in your life will simply disappear. This week, it will be fun spending time with someone close.


You may need to curtail wasteful expenditure, if you want to go in for something big. Leo Control your stubborn streak, as it can spell disaster in both personal and professional spheres. Keep your ego under control at work, especially while dealing with seniors.


Guard against dubious investments, as loss is foreseen. Follow a regular routine to stay healthy.

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This week, you may meet someone you like. Virgo Practice will make you perfect on the academic front.

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Be sensitive to the moods of people around you. It is best not to discuss personal matters openly. Certain things are best ignored, especially in the arena of love. You are likely to end up paying more money for something that could have been bought for much less. Improvement in health of those ailing will be slow, but steady. Libra You may plan a get together.


A deadline looms on the horizon, so tighten your belt to meet it. Some professionals may feel stagnated and may not derive full satisfaction in their present circumstances. You may have to motivate someone to take your side through inducements. A good dose of relaxation will recharge you completely.